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  • Are you the kind of person who needs to see and feel something before you purchase it? Don't worry, we get it. We are too! That's why we've put together these great sample kits for you so that you can see samples of our work in-person before taking the purchasing plunge. Each kit comes with 3 full invitations, 1 pack of neutral swatches and 2 packs of swatches of your choice.

      Your order will be shipped to you within 1-2 business days with tracked shipping. 


      Can I order a particular sample? 

      Because our invitations are custom made - and there are literally thousands of variables that can go in each one - we unfortunately can't offer paper samples for every single invitation on our website. However! If you want to email us at info@thepolkadotpapershop.com with the invitation you're interested in ordering - we just might have a copy we can send your way. 

      Can I customize my paper samples? 

      Unfortunately not. Our paper samples are pre-printed and ready to ship off. That's how we manage to get them out so quickly! But when you order your wedding invitations with us, you WILL get to see a full digital rendering of your invitations and you can request changes as necessary so that there will be no surprises when you get the finished product.

      Can I skip this and see the samples in the store instead? 

      Absolutely! If you live nearby (Mississauga, Ontario) - there's no need to order paper samples! We have convenient hours for both walk ins and scheduled appointments available days, evenings and Saturdays. If you'd like to book a consultation, click here.

    • $ 20.00 CAD

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