Order Process Guide for custom orders

Thank you for considering The Polka Dot Paper Shop for such an important part of your event! We pride ourselves for being fair, professional - and easy-going at the same time. This document was created to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that our customers know exactly what to expect. The following is our "terms and conditions" as well as the process for ordering with us. It is written entirely in common language, so please do read through it! The Polka Dot Paper Shop reserves the right to change our terms and conditions, order process or other business-related decisions without notice. Though really - you can google "The Polka Dot Paper Shop Reviews" to know that we never have pulled the rug out from anyone before, and we have always worked hard to ensure that our customers have the highest satisfaction possible. If you read anything here that requires any clarification, please contact us at info@thepolkadotpapershop.com 

Step 1: The Quote

The quote will include and detailed description of the invitation we talked about complete with any inserts, embellishments, envelopes and other details that are pertinent to the price. If you haven't received this quote during the actual consultation, then you should expect to receive it within two (2) business days from the time of your initial consultation.

NOTE: no graphic design work will be completed for your order prior to us receiving a deposit. If you are unsure about the design you wish to order, we can put a mock-up together for you for $75. If you go forward with the order, the $75 fee will be applied to your total order. If you do not wish to move forward with the order, that fee will not be returned. Additional designs are available for a non-refundable, non-transferable $25 graphic design fee. Due to the number of orders we have to process on a daily basis, and the long length of time it takes to create a mock-up, we cannot waive this fee under any circumstances. The $75 fee may be increased in cases where extreme customization is required, and you will be provided with a quote from the graphic designer prior to work being started. The payment is required in full prior to the work being completed.

POSTAGE: Please note that most invitations are over the standard postage weight limit. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that accurate postage is used on the invitations. The Polka Dot Paper Shop takes no responsibility for invitations that are mailed out by the customer and lost in the mail due to improper postage or for any other reason. We strongly encourage you to wait until you have your order to take a sample to the post office and have it weighed to know the proper postage needed. 

Step 2: Submit Your Order

Once you have approved the quote, now is the time to proceed with your order. To tell us that you're ready to go ahead with the order - CLICK HERE to fill out our "details, details, details" form and submit your order. This form gives us all of the information we need to put together your proper invoice - as well, it gives us the actual details we need to make your first digital sample. Don't worry if you don't know all of the details regarding your day yet. As long as you know the qty of invitations, the rest can be changed as necessary during the digital sample phase.

Upon receiving the form, we will send you an official invoice within two (2) business days. We require a 50% deposit before any original artwork is created for you. You can pay this deposit directly through the invoice by typing in the amount you wish to put towards your order - OR contact us for additional payment options. Deposits are non-refundable.

What is on the invoice is what we are planning to make. Please be sure to ask for any clarification necessary. If you don't see it on the invoice, then it won't be included in your final order! Please be absolutely certain that you have ordered enough invitations, that you are not going to change the colour scheme, and that you are ordering invitations within your budget. At the time your deposit is received, we will be placing an order for your custom materials. These materials cannot be returned in the majority of cases, so please be sure at the time you place your deposit - that you are sure of your material choices. Any changes to the order after you have paid a deposit may result in additional fees. We are more than happy to provide you with swatches free of charge (if they're available) and assist you with your decision in any way that we can.

Step 3: The Design Phase and Approval

Once we have received your 50% deposit, we will turn that amazing idea into reality. You will first receive a digital sample, which is a computer-generated version of what the real paper invitation will look like. We welcome your input and encourage your participation (as you wish) in the design process. Once you are happy with the way your digital sample looks, we will ask you to sign off on our Digital Sample Approval (DSA) form/contract. Please email any changes that are required to your digital sample. We will not make changes to a digital sample that are received via phone, text message, etc. If you wish to discuss over the phone, that’s fine! But we can’t make changes to the digital sample until you email us a summary of the conversation.

Officially, we offer 2 rounds of changes for any of our "Off the Rack" invitations and up to 5 rounds of changes with our Fully Custom Invitation Suites. Additional rounds of changes may be charged a $25 graphic design fee. However, the number of changes offered without extra fee is dependent on the style of invitation ordered and you will be notified well in advance that you are running out of free changes and that additional fees will soon apply. Clients are encouraged to consolidate change requests into 1 email to avoid confusion or extra charges. If you require any more information regarding your order before paying your deposit, please feel free to ask!

Step 4: Paper Sample

Paper samples may or may not be available for your invitation style. Please be sure to discuss with your invitation consultant prior to ordering if you wish to order a paper sample. If a paper sample is available for your style of invitation, a $25 set up fee is charged to cover the extra time this step takes in the process. 

Step 5: Guest Address Printing

If you are having us print your guest addresses, you need to provide us with the completed Excel spreadsheet of your guest addresses at the time you approve your digital samples for printing. The spreadsheet is available on our website by clicking HERE. You can submit your spreadsheet HERE. Please note that all spreadsheets must be sent through our file upload server. We cannot accept files sent through email correspondence.

Please remember that whatever you put on this list gets printed. So if you don’t capitalize or check for errors, this is exactly what will show up on the front of your beautiful envelopes! We are not responsible for double-checking that you have entered information correctly. No changes will be made to your spreadsheet, and if you require any envelopes to be re-printed due to errors on the information you have submitted, you will be charged set up fees and for the cost of the actual envelopes.

Step 6: Production Time!

Before anything is printed, we will send you a Digital Sample Approval contract to sign off on. At this time, the remaining balance owing is also due. We cannot move the order into production until the final balance has been paid in full. Please note that you can always add guest address printing after this point - but the invitations must be paid for before we can print them!

Depending on the style of invitation, and the availability of any custom materials, your invitations will take on average 4-6 weeks to complete from the time that you have paid your deposit. Shorter production times are available, but may incur a rush fee - that will be quoted at time of order. Some of our more complicated invitations may take longer than the average 6 weeks. Please be sure to notify the designer at the time of consultation if you require your invitations by a specific date. 

Step 7: Delivery

Definitely the best part of this whole experience – it’s time for you to get your invitations! They have been meticulously cut, glittered, glued, rhinestoned, and assembled with love and now they’re all yours! If your order will be shipped to you, we require the final payment - including shipping fees - prior to the package shipping. Your order will not ship until we have received full payment.

Any remaining balance is due upon pick up of the invitations. This payment must be made with immediate tender – such as cash, email money transfer, PayPal, Visa or MasterCard. If your order is for shipping, you must pay your final payment before the order ships.

As soon as you've gotten home with your invitations, please take a good look over them and let us know right away if you have any questions or concerns. We take immense pride in the quality of our work, and want you to be happy! If you find an issue of quality with any of our work (which we assure you is extremely rare) then we will replace those invitations in a quick and timely manner. If the invitations need to be reprinted due to a content error that had been approved through our Digital Sample Approval form, we will reprint your invitations quickly - for the cost of the reprint and any materials necessary in doing so.