Oh No! Our Details form is currently down!

Oh dear! Our details, details, details form is experiencing some issues at the moment. If you're seeing this message - we are already aware of the issue and are working hard to get it fixed quickly! Please follow the steps below for your specific situation:

Already paid a deposit? - Rush Order
If you have already paid a deposit and you have a rush order with us, please email us all of the details for your wedding at info@thepolkadotpapershop.com (Email)

Already paid a deposit? - Standard Order
If you have paid a deposit and are not on a rush order timeframe, please try back again tomorrow. If you really want to get the details through to us right away - feel free to send us an email with the wording you want! Email us for more clarification if needed.

Need to pay a deposit? 
Please Email us with the qty of invitations you're wanting, and we will send you an invoice for your order so that we can get started. If you are needing a rush order, also include the wording for your invitation with the email. Otherwise, you can try the form again in a day or two. 

Not sure what to do? 
Email us! We'll be happy to provide any assistance or clarification needed.