• What's hot for Fall 2017?

    What's Hot for Fall 2017
    By Jenna Wiegand

    It's barely even started to get warm out, and we're already elbow-deep into Fall weddings here! Want to know what trends we're seeing the most of for Fall 2017? While every wedding is completely unique - here's a selection of the most popular requests we're receiving this year. 

    I can't be more excited about this one! After 3-4 seasons of blush pink, gold, and ivory (a beautiful combo, don't get me wrong!) I'm THRILLED to see more colour coming into play. For Fall, we're seeing a lot of Burgundy and Blush, Navy and peach - which aren't all that unusual- but instead of doing accents of the colour with the rest of the invitation mostly being simiple white or ivory - we're printing with white, gold or silver ink directly on burgundy or navy stocks for a truly striking look. 

    I always say "glitter's my favourite colour!" - but this year it seems as though glitter has taken a bit of a backseat to accents of high-shine mirror foils in silver and gold. It's a great alternative accent to printing in high-shine foil, which is considerably more expensive in comparison to adding a simple foil border. Regardless of whether the materials are foil, matte, shimmer or glitter -  "fairydust" (our signature hand-painted glitter) is still requested on the vast majority of invitations we do.

    Watercolour flowers and foliage (leaves) have been popular for the past two wedding seasons - but we're seeing a definite upturn in the number of requests we have for bold floral and foliage patterns or accents. The great thing about adding floral patterns, is that while colourful - most florals can be considered "a neutral" and won't dramatically impact the overall colour scheme for the wedding. As long as you include a good variety of shades and flower types in your design - you won't be tying yourself down to one specific shade. This option is great for those who haven't quite determined the exact shade they want for their bridesmaids dresses or linens yet. Or for those wanting to do a mixed colour palette. 

    It would seem as though requests for burlap, lace, baby's breath and mason jars are starting to become few and far between. Now we are seeing more of a fresh Tuscan styled rustic - light grey white washed woods, lots of rich green foliage, lemons, cotton cardstock, deckled edging and hand-painted scenery are all hot right now. Just WAIT until you see the latest styled shoot we participated in yesterday - it's the epitome of this theme and you're going to love it!! 


    Thanks for reading today! I'd love to help you create the perfect invitation for your big day. Who knows, maybe what you come up with will be the next big trend?! 

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